Mitt Will Not Run. Phew.

Mitt Romney will not be running for President. He had previously run for president in 2008 and 2012 (when he was to Republican Nominee).

From the Washington Post:

Romney insisted that he would have had enough support from potential donors to be “more than competitive” and that the positive reaction he heard from Republican activists was “surprising and heartening.” He noted that he led the GOP field in recent public polls.

“I am convinced that we could win the nomination, but fully realize it would have been difficult test and a hard fight,” Romney said in remarks he delivered by phone from New York with his wife, Ann, by his side.

No word on whether this decision was because of a call to be mission president.

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  1. Would be hilarious if the brethren gave him a calling and that’s why. I like a lot of things about Mitt but he’s just not a good candidate. Not that the GOP has a lot of good ones running right now.

    • I have interviewed several Mormon political candidates during the midterms, (Republicans at the state and local level in several states) who expressed concerns about Romney potentially running again. A few even came out and said that Romney’s run has meant that they get more questions, and a lot more pressure from conservative Christian elements in the party. Another run by Romney was generally perceived as something would only hurt other Mormon candidates looking to move up, now and in the future.

      Most would only talk about Romney off the record or on background, but their responses have made me wonder how much pressure he has been under from other Mormon politicians, especially who want to distance themselves from some of the comments about the 47% and corporations being people.

  2. How about Chris Henrichsen for President? “I am convinced that we could never win the nomination, but fully realize it would have been nothing but a waste of time and money,” Henrichsen never said.

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