Approaching Justice Podcast Episode 1: Keystone XL Pipeline

In this episode, Michael Talerico, a social democrat, and Shaun Maher, a conservative, discusses the Presidents veto of the Keystone pipeline.

Four Phases of Keystone Pipeline coverage

References Used for This Episode:

What is the Keystone XL Pipeline?

EPA Comments Challenge State Department Conclusions On Keystone’s Climate Impacts. 

The House Passes the Keystone XL Pipeline with bipartisan support.  29 Democrats

Here’s Why Keystone XL Is the Wrong Choice for Our Nation

Oil Car Train Derails in West Virgina Pipelines are safer. So why don’t we build them. That’s an infrastructure project everyone can get behind.  

Why It Is Time to Reject the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline.  

Pipelines Much Safer than Rail Cars, Real people will die in rail accidents. The Greens couldn’t care less.  

Keystone Probably Delayed in 2014 Absurd. Unless you’re a Green like our President.
The man who crushed the Keystone XL pipeline. 

Where do former Obama officials stand on Keystone XL? 

Keystone Pipeline May Be Big, but This Is Bigger.  

Keystone XL pipeline: Why is it so disputed?

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