Harry Reid’s Missionary Work Helps Convert Former U.S. Senator to Mormonism

Larry Pressler

Larry Pressler (2014 Campaign Photo)

Former 3-term U.S. Senator Larry Pressler joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint this past weekend. He was baptized by Harvard business professor Clayton Christensen and confirmed by Senate Minority Leader Harry Read.

Here is how the Deseret News described Reid’s involvement in introducing Pressler to The Book of Mormon and Christensen:

Pressler’s introduction to the Book of Mormon came from Reid, who gave him a copy of the book. Then in 2012, Pressler came across an article in The New Yorker that profiled Christensen and devoted ample space to his account of seeking a conviction of the Book of Mormon while a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. Christensen’s answer came after several weeks of reading and praying.

“I knew then, from a source of understanding more powerful than anything I had ever felt in my life, that the book I was holding in my hands was true,” Christensen wrote.

Pressler was captivated by the article and asked Reid to facilitate an introduction. A Rhodes Scholar himself, Pressler felt a kinship with Christensen. The two became friends and spent four days together at a gathering of Rhodes Scholars in Oxford. Pressler counts the shared academic experience among the many coincidences that brought him to the church.

Read the complete profile in the Deseret News.

It sounds like Harry Reid takes the idea of member missionary work seriously.

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