Pope Francis: Equal Opportunity Disturber

Source: The Associated Press

The above video from the AP reminds me something I wrote in May 2014:

The critique offered by Pope Francis challenges all of us. To make this a matter of left vs. right misses the point. He is not critiquing the other guy. He is critiquing all of us.

If anything, the liberal vs. conservative political narrative fails to provide the “spirit of solidarity” which is needed in order to tackle the serious issues that devastate the large segments of the human family that have been “cast off” or “left behind.”

Pope Francis is providing both a loud voice and leadership when it comes to the critique of injustice in our world. I value this immensely and I am not even Catholic. However, we are missing an opportunity if we do not act to achieve these goals. While we might not be able to change our political foes, we can start by re-evaluating our own paradigms and our own tactics.

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