Confessions: I Want to Conquer the World…and Other Resolutions

I am not going to share with you a list of my New Year’s resolutions. There is no such list.

However, I am resolute in my commitment to making 2016 a turning-point year.

I have been in a rut. Much has been good. My children are doing well. I have an amazing wife. I am enjoying church. I have rediscover my passion for the Baltimore Orioles. I have discovered punk.

However, it has also been a time of intellectual and professional darkness.

This will be changing and only I can change it. Hopefully, I can share with you the moments of triumph and progress. Stay tuned.

Oh, I did join a gym. For Christmas, Lyndee got me a couples membership to a local gym. So we have been exercising regularly for the last week. I am sore.

2016 is going to be a good year. I turn 40 this year and I will not put out with another off year. It time to conquer the world. Well…my little part of it at least.

My “Confessions” columns are daily glimpses into my mind. Find my bio here.

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