Confessions: I Don’t Belong


Not me. But this guy is in the video near the end of the post. I sometimes feel as though I must look like this guy.

I have felt this way for a long time about many things.

I don’t belong.

I am a Mormon liberal who more and more finds myself still unorthodox…but very much at odds with most other Mormon liberals.

I don’t belong.

I am a white teacher at an urban school.

I don’t belong.

I am an academic trying to teach middle school students who are not impressed by what I know…and they like me even less than that.

I don’t belong.

I am an east-coast kid living in Las Vegas.

I don’t belong.

I live in Las Vegas, but I do not gamble and I do not drink (I also do not care for the “Rat Pack”).

I don’t belong.

I wear blue shirts and Converse sneakers to church.

I don’t belong.

I am a philosophical pragmatist and political leftist while also a Mormon.

I don’t belong.

I feel lonely despite being surrounded by people all day.

I don’t belong.

But…I do feel a sense of belonging at home with my family and within my LDS ward (congregation). I might not feel that way in every family or in just any ward. But my family and ward keep me grounded. They make me feel needed (and I need them). They make me feel wanted. They make me feel loved (and I love them).

My alienation from the world is strong, but it is not absolute. For that I am grateful.

I play this song a lot:

Sometimes I am glad that I don’t belong.

My “Confessions” columns are daily glimpses into my mind. Find my bio here.


  1. Maybe all the best people actually feel this way… Some sort of ‘creative restlessness’ that goes along with intelligence? Maybe… 🙂 -TJ

  2. I should start wearing what I want to church more.

  3. Glenn Thigpen says:

    You do belong… Belonging is not just an attitude or a feeling.

  4. Andy Hardwick says:

    Good for you. I teach Gospel Doctrine, live in Texas and am definitely not red. I don’t feel any disrespect in my ward from others that do not share my view. Politics is mostly nonsense anyway. I don’t think there is anything wrong with your manner of dress.

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