My Sloppy Manners Explained! Support Approaching Justice!


A meme produced by the honor code office at BYU-Idaho featuring a quote from President Hinckley, the late president of the LDS Church.


A October 2012 Associated Press profile of me described me as “a large man with perpetually rumpled clothes.” Well, if sloppy dress leads to sloppy manners, I am pretty sure this explains why I have rumpled manners.

Here at Approaching Justice, we don’t fit a typical mold. We annoy some. We offend others. And we also have a few friends. Friends, I need your help.

A range of hosting costs are up for renewal at the end of the week. Please consider supporting Approaching Justice as a subscriber.

You can subscribe to Approaching Justice for $2 a month. You can subscribe to Approaching Justice for $5 a month. You can also make a one-time contribution to Approaching Justice in an amount of your choosing.

Thank you for your consideration. As the AP profile noted, raising money is not my strength. We currently have about a dozen recurring subscribers. I love those people! The goal for this week is to bring that level to 25. That can be through recurring subscriptions or through one-time donations of $25. I think we can do it. But maybe I am rumpled AND crazy.


Chris H.




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