“How can we not have a mother?” Louis C.K. on Heavenly Mother (From the Archives)

A variety of a great religious reflections from Louis C.K. during his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

His comments of Heavenly Mother start at around 6:00. Check it out:

I particularly like his theory about why God became known as a father figure.

Heavenly Mother is a concept of much interest and anxiety for Mormons. My own issue is not whether there is a Heavenly Mother or why we do not discuss or teach about Her. I am mostly trying to grapple with the idea of a gendered embodied deity. The concept is very central to Mormonism. For me, it is largely us trying to make God fit our own limited understanding.

Does Louis C.K. hit too close to home? Any thoughts on his other observations about gender and religion?

Note: The post originally appear here at Approaching Justice on March 31, 2014



  1. Jettboy says:

    Although an interesting joke, his ending is not Mormon. The argument ends with God as either female or genderless; if existing at all.

  2. “…his ending is not Mormon.” Has anyone claimed otherwise?

  3. Jettboy says:


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