Progressive Christian Political Book List: Recommendations Requested


I came across an article from a Southern Baptist leader that caught my attention on how to engage the political landscape with one’s faith intact. Good piece. But then he ended with a list of evangelical book recommendations. And it started me thinking, what are the books would you recommend with a progressive Christian view on politics?

Here’s my initial list but interested in others to give their lists too.

To Work and to Love by Dorothee Soelle which critiques the commodification and marketization of all life.

Radical Monotheism and Western Culture by H. Richard Niebuhr which critiques most isms as having too narrow of a basis of loyalty.

Man’s Nature and His Communities by Reinhold Niebuhr which points out that communities build up and can also diminish individuals.

Free Spaces by Sarah Evens points to how building alternative community spaces allows for the creation of an identity apart from the demands of the market.

The Public and Its Problems by John Dewey describes how public, a kind of community, is able to democratically be engaged in a way that resists manipulation.

Tradition and Democracy by Jeffrey Stout charts a way for religious communities and traditions to have their voice heard in the public arena consistent with democracy.

The Politics at God’s Funeral by Michael Harrington recounts how capitalism became a morally agnostic force and what a progressive religious response could look like.

Life Abundant by Sallie McFague draws on both Christian resources and the sciences to tackle the “economic world view”

Faith and Freedom by Schubert Ogden connects personal freedom, metaphysical freedom and political freedom into a coherent whole.

The Moral Law in Christian Social Ethics by Walter Muelder builds a case for community and our obligations to community in developing a coherent ethics.

Pragmatic Theology by Victor Anderson wrestles with how to make religious claims in the public arena which are revisable and communicative

Please add more. These are the ones that have impacted me but I know I left some significant names off the list from Walter Brueggemann to Walter Wink!

Dwight Welch is the pastor at the United Church of Norman, Oklahoma

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