It’s Clinton or (literally) Bust

Look, I know that I haven’t been as active on Approaching Justice as I used to be. Life has a way of, well, doing its thing, whether we like it or not. However, I can no longer stand by and not vehemently voice some common sense that this country and many of its citizens are in desperate need of.

My plan, for the next several weeks, is to post at least once a week on some of the goings on in our political climate. I will not hold back. I will attack. I will drop truth bombs and harrowing opinions achieved through common sense all the way up through critical thought. I will drop mics and do anything I can to get people to wake the hell up to the dangerous reality we face in this country.

First, I want to say, loud and proud, that I support Hillary Clinton for president of the United States of America, and I am appalled that even one American, any citizen of this country that has so much potential to be its best self, would ever consider for even 0.68 seconds, to entertain the thought of electing Donald J. Trump to the presidency. Are we out of our fucking minds, America? Everything that this country stands for, truth, justice, inalienable rights, equality, is at risk even with Trump as a candidate. Look, I could go on and on, rant and rave, but these posts are meant to be short and to the point. For now, I want you to watch the video below. After a brief introduction, Keith Olbermann launches into a 16-minute-long, nonstop, rapid fire of almost everything that should disqualify Trump from being anywhere near the White House, let alone living there as the Commander in Chief. Take together any random three or four things of the 176 Olbermann identifies in this video, and any man or woman could never as much as sniff his or her party’s nomination, but here’s Trump, the most untrustworthy candidate, who is currently, in some national polls, in a virtual tie with Hillary Clinton, the most trustworthy candidate (and it is not even close). Oh, America, oh, land of the free and home of the brave, shame on us. Shame!

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  1. I liked the video, but I personally could come up with one that is pretty long about the lies of Hillary Clinton as well. I still support her more because Trump should never be president. But, the truth of the matter is when comes to election day, I will write in Ron Pauls name long before I NEVER vote for Trump and before I vote for Hillary. Both Trump and Hillary are a disgrace, Hillary is just less of a disgrace.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Voting for Trump is out of question. I can’t vote for a human being that flip-flops on a basis and has questionable ties with supposed criminals. He’s just a horrible human being. Voting for Clinton–well she’s no saint either. How can I get myself to vote for someone with history of “shady” baggage while IN public service?

      As much as Clinton makes me cringe, I REALLY would have her on the throne than Trump. To vote for a nonTrump-nonClinton–it scares me that it’d take away the vote from Clinton and give Trump the throne. With Trump’s America, even though I’m an American, I’d probably have to hold-off cross-country road trip across America. A minority and a liberal–makes me a perfect shooting target. I’d rather be in a room with a two-faced woman rather than with a hate spewing, misogynistic racist who wouldn’t hesitate to throw me out the window.

      It’d be great to know that the nonDem/nonGOP candidates can have a chance at winning elections, but our system has become so Dem/GOP dominant that I don’t think voting for a nonTrump/nonClinton will ultimately change the outcome.

  2. The video states what Mr. Trump has said and done. This video lists why no one should ever nominate, never mind vote for such a person for any position. His lack of knowledge is incomprehensible for a person seeking the Presidency. Mr. Trump displays neither the intellect nor the integrity of Mrs. Clinton. I will vote for her as the best choice for President. I will show my support for her through this election cycle. I can only hope enough Americans take the time to learn about the candidates and then elect people who believe in the story that is America, equality, justice and opportunity for all.

  3. You lost me when you used the word “truth”. I hope you are not saying or believing that Hillary is truthful.

    My opinion is that neither of the two are anywhere fit to become our next president. We can only hope (forlornly) that which ever one of them is elected, that there will be enough wise and responsible people in congress to control ant damage that the president will try to inflict.

    I cannot vote for either of them.


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