My Growing Disgust with the Presidential Race

I am beyond disgusted. The world I thought I knew is falling apart, and reality continues to grow increasingly subjective. In my previous post, I briefly addressed the wellspring of evidence that proves Donald Trump has no right even to be considered for the presidency of the United States of America, yet, despite all his hate-mongering, lack of substance, and outright lies (over and over and over), he still remains competitive in a presidential race with one of the most qualified candidates ever, Hillary Clinton. Not only is Clinton far more qualified, she has already done more for this country than many previous presidents. In addition to that, according to nonpartisan fact-checkers from multiple media, Clinton has been by far the most truthful and trustworthy candidate during this entire presidential race, and Trump has been one of the worst. But that doesn’t seem to matter one damn bit to a large portion of the populace that seems intent on believing whatever they wish rather than taking the time to do a little research themselves in order to get the facts. I provided links to evidence of Clinton’s trustworthiness in my previous post, but it didn’t matter. Nearly every single comment complained about what a terribly dishonest person she is. Here are just a few examples:

“I personally could come up with [a list] that is pretty long about the lies of Hillary Clinton as well.”

“Clinton makes me cringe”

“Both candidates are the bottom of the barrel.”

“You lost me when you used the word ‘truth’. I hope you are not saying or believing that Hillary is truthful. My opinion is that neither of the two are anywhere fit to become our next president.”

These quotes merely skim the surface of the root of my disgust with where we are politically in this country. I say “politically,” but this presidential race isn’t really about politics. It’s about xenophobia, bigotry, racism, misogyny, lie after lie after lie, and spectacle and self-promotion that has nothing to do with leading this country, and everyone of these things describes Trump, his campaign, and a huge segment of his supporters.

The funny thing about the above quotes? The majority of them belong to people who will vote for Clinton because she’s just barely better than Trump. What the hell are you smoking, people? Get a grip. Trump isn’t worthy to press Clinton’s pantsuits. I am completely disgusted by the people who go to great lengths to qualify their vote for Clinton. They want to make sure that the world knows, that even though they are going to vote for Clinton, they still know what a lowdown, dirty, no good cheat and liar she is, despite mounds of evidence to the contrary. And Trump’s latest fiasco? Well, he got everyone’s attention, most of the major media outlets, what he’s good at, since, like a train wreck, people cannot seem to pry their eyes away from the horror; then he proceeded to milk the coverage for all he could. He promoted his new hotel, marched multiple supporters one by one to the microphone, and then finally, after a 90-minute charade, he says, “Oh, by the way, Hillary Clinton, during the 2008 presidential race, started the Birther Conspiracy about the legitimacy of Obama’s birth location.” OK, that’s a paraphrase. Here are Trump’s exact words:

“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther conspiracy. I finished it. I finished it. You know what I mean. President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period.”

This statement alone contains back to back to back lies. The man was a fanatic about this whole birther conspiracy for nearly a decade, and now, “Oh, by the way, Clinton started that and I finished it.” Trump cannot even take responsibility for or own something when he is wrong. One bright side? Virtually all the news outlets who wasted their coverage on this press conference, retaliated. Even Fox News, Trump’s champion, called him an outright liar. Are the media finally going to wake up and call a xenophobic, misogynist, lying bigot exactly what he is: a xenophobic, misogynist, lying bigot? Samantha Bee does a solid, humorous, and slightly foulmouthed breakdown of the press conference in the video below.

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  1. I suspect that the real hatred most on the right have for Hillary is the fact that when her husband was on the impeachment ropes way back when, she went into “stand by your man” mode and probably saved his Presidency by doing so. If she had walked out, instead, I think there would have been a fair chance that people would have decided that Bill was so psychologically damaged by the breakup of his family that he would have had to resign in the best interests of the country. Her sticking with him enabled the Democrats to stand together and declare that what Bill had done was just not the sort of thing you kick a President out the door for having done.

    • Mark, thanks for the comment. This is a valid point. I think what it boils down to, ultimately, is that she is seen as a woman first, with all of the baggage that entails in the eyes of the patriarchy.

  2. I believe she is more qualified, but she has still done her fair share of lies and position swapping. I just don’t like her policy positions. Her foreign policy I hate the most of all. That being said, I’ll never vote trump.

    • See, that’s legit. If you don’t like something about Clinton’s policies, focus on that. Still, if we are going to base someone’s candidacy on whether they have changed their minds or lied about anything, then we will never have anyone to vote for. We’re all a little capricious and even dishonest at times.

      • Good. Point. I don’t mind when I feel that a public representative has genuinely changed their policy positions. But Hillary like so many other just seem to do it at the whims of elections.

  3. Clinton has her fair share of lies, as C. Miller mentioned. But I think the difference is she doesn’t feed fear, hatred, and discriminatory values to the American public, and get off on feeding these to the public. Everyone’s a hypocrite at some point, but Trump says one thing this week, and next will claim that he has no recollection of saying such–and they’re not even close to fact. Of course, his supporters will always rebut with “Clinton lies too”, as if that will make what Trump is doing okay.
    I want a leader to lead with confidence, even though mistakes might be made here and there. A leader that rules by spreading fear…I believe that’s what ISIS, Kim, and Hitler does. I’d rather a liar for a leader as long as he/she’s competent to handle the duties assigned to the job. Anyone can talk, but can you actually do the talk? Trump’s too busy throwing tantrums through Twitter. He can continue to do that at his Trump Tower, not at the Oval Office.

  4. I stand firmly by my belief that Clinton and Trump both are the bottom of the barrel. They both disgust me. But, what disgusts me more, is the fact that my fellow Americans for the most part want one of these low lives to be out next president.

    • Rob, it would be easier to respect your firm stance if you could elaborate. How is Clinton disgusting? How is she a low life? How is she the “bottom of the barrel” compared to the rest of potential presidential candidates?

    • I am not sure if most Americans want either one, but it is going to be one of those two. You can vote for somebody else. You can not vote. But either Clinton or Trump will be the next president.

  5. Mr. Trump is not qualified for any leadership position. I am tired of supposedly intelligent people swallowing the dribble put out by the likes of Trey Gowdy and other republicans which is then proclaimed in the media. Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate to ever seek the presidency and one of the most truthful. People need to smarten up and stop being the false messengers. It’s time to stand up for what you believe and Mrs. Clinton epitomizes that. Mr. Silverman I would suggest that we all stop being disgusted and get angry. Support our candidate and yell it from the roof tops.

  6. Thank you for raising your voice on this matter! My personal sense is that Clinton internalized this principle following Vince Foster’s suicide: protect your people. In so many situations in which people call her out for lying, she was simply refusing to throw people that made mistakes under the bus. When she is in a position of leadership, she takes responsibility for consequences. That we as her supporters have allowed the Republicans to spin this as “evasiveness” is shameful. To me it is the greatest evidence of her character.

  7. There is no way I could ever support Hillary – I was #NeverHillary going back as far as 2006. And especially since Wikileaks has proven that she and the DNC were complicit in rigging the primary. I support Jill Stein and encourage all Americans to do the same. Neither Trump nor Hillary deserve to be President.

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