My Name is Emmett Till


Mamie Till at Emmet Till’s Open Casket Funeral

14 year old Emmett Till was murdered in Mississippi  on August 28, 1955. It has been 61 years since his death. Sixty One years and some days I wonder what we in the United States have learned. Sixty One years I wonder how much we have grown and how much has changed.  Sixty One years and Black men and boys are still being murdered in our streets.  In the three weeks since the official 61st anniversary of Till’s death, at least 15 Black people have been killed by police.  Its time for the United States to grow up. It is time to let go of our hate.  It is time to put fear and racism behind us.

#EmmettTill #BlackLivesMatter #AllYouNeedIsLove #GivePeaceAChance


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  1. I am sure that you mean well, that your heart is in the right place, but your call for the U.S. “to grow up” is so simplistic as to be worthless. What you said is true, as far as it goes. But there is so much more to it. How many people total have been killed by police? How many murders of blacks by blacks been committed? How many murders have been committed in total since that date?
    I do fervently agree with you that racism and hate need to go away. The streets in our communities need to be made safe for anyone to walk. That is going to require that black leaders in their communities step up. It is going to require that leaders in the Hispanic communities step up, and the white communities step up.
    It would also help for our police to undergo some rigorous psychological testing to help weed out those who are not essentially seeking to “protect and to serve” but are attracted by the excitement of the job. That was a characteristic some of the police that I have known personally. People on power trips are also attracted to such jobs.
    But it is sort of a catch twenty-two type of situation. Anyone who really wishes to be a cop must be crazy, but anyone would have to be crazy in order to take such a job.
    But there are good cops out there. More so than the bad ones. But it only takes one bad apple to make the whole bushel smell. We need, as a nation, to seek out the best cops and have mostly black cops in black communities and Hispanics in Hispanic communities and whites in white communities. Diversity is wonderful, but diversity does little to engender trust.


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