Hillary Clinton: She is the Champion, My Friends

Hillary Clinton is not perfect, but she is more prepared to take the reigns of the American presidency than any previous president. She has served public interested for the last four decades. She has already lived in the White House and taken part in major policy decisions. She has served as a US Senator in one of the Union’s most populous states, and she has served as Secretary of State, developing and working on relationships with countless other nations and peoples. Detractors have followed closely behind her for her entire career, decrying scandal after scandal, conspiracy after conspiracy, and despite years upon years of investigations and millions upon millions of tax-payer dollars wasted, no one has been able to produce one shred of evidence that Hillary Clinton has committed a crime. Perhaps she has done some things you think are shady or questionable or that you flat out do not like, but not one of those things lands within reach of any criminal graphic. John Oliver recently did a long segment on Last Week Tonight comparing the scandals of Clinton and Trump. It is well worth the 20-minute watch:

Hillary Clinton is not the “lesser of two evils.” Hillary Clinton is, and always has been, a champion for others. She listens to every voice and goes to work for change to help as many people as possible. You don’t have to believe me, and I don’t need to waste space making that argument when dozens of recent articles have taken care of covering her service record. It’s called Google; try it. What I am interested in is simple. I am here, as I will continue to be every week, stating the obvious. Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House as our next president. Her opponent has no clue. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this list. It covers everything that Clinton addressed in the debate, that needed to be addressed, things that she will do (as her own track record proves) as president, things that Trump did not address and has no clue how to do, from unifying America to building up our foreign relations. You may not believe Clinton is a hero or champion based on your personal criteria for such, but she is the type of champion we all need in the White House. Throughout her public career, she has calmly and consistently made every effort to do the right thing and to serve as many people as she can for the greater good of the American society, even in the face of intense, often vehement negative criticism. That is a real hero, and that is why Clinton is my champion.

(Featured image credit: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

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  1. Great points. I really do value her years if public service. But I definitely don’t believe she is the most prepared to person to be President. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, those men were prepared.

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