About Approaching Justice

Approaching Justice is an online magazine mostly about religion and politics.

The editor of Approaching Justice is Chris Henrichsen. Chris is a political theorist, teacher, and a practicing Mormon.

Chris has taught political science and philosophy at Brigham Young University, Brigham Young University-Idaho, Utah Valley University, and Casper College. Today, Chris teaches middle school social studies and English in the Las Vegas area.

Prior to teaching, Chris worked at a domestic violence shelter in Park City, UT and at the Booker T. Washington Community Center in Auburn, NY.

He has a BA and MA in political science from the University of Utah and is currently working on a doctorate, also in political science, at Idaho State University.

In 2012, Chris was a Democratic nominee for the At-large United States House of Representatives seat in Wyoming.

Born in Washington, DC, Chris grew up in the Maryland suburbs of DC, Chris and his wife, Lyndee, and moved to Las Vegas July 2013. They have three children: Todd (16), Shem (14), and Geneva (11).

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  1. Chad Stowell says:

    Hello, I’ve just recently come across your site and found it to be fascinating. I don’t buy a book unless I feel impressed to do so and that’s exactly how I felt about Lost Apostles and thoroughly enjoyed your review, as well as other articles I’ve been reading this morning. I also saw your quote from Calvin Stephens with a source to an audio file in your possession. I’ve been attending Cal’s Institute, Education Week and Adult Religion Classes for over 15 years (whenever time would permit). I was wondering if you could share the audio file you have, “Apostasy in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” from Stephens? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. nvsubbaraman says:

    Very nice. Thanks.

  3. One law for all confessions “the ten commandments of God to stop violence and crimes in the human society. Then we can get started to build peace social development and human stability around the world.

  4. Just came here for first time, and it seems to be very interesting. wow great job:)

  5. karen Jenk says:

    I have read some of your blog and while you might have good points to make you base them in a doctrine that is false.
    You are just another self righteous cult member who is starved for attention.

  6. The next generations still waitting for our actions to stop violences and crimes in the human society, together you and we are all invited to build peace social development and human stability around the world.

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