Bernie Sanders Didn’t Lose

Bernie Sanders didn’t lose. In the Democratic Party primary process, though there were moments of electoral stress, and even some funny business, nobody has ultimately lost. The New York Times published an opinion piece early today under the headline Hillary Clinton Made History, but Bernie Sanders Stubbornly Ignored It, analyzing his conclusion speech, which hadn’t changed much compared […]

McDonald’s Theory: Why Sanders is Worth Supporting

Many Democrats wish Bernie Sanders would go away. There is a lot of rhetoric about Sanders’ naivete from Republicans and Democrats alike. Even though many of those people agree that the problems he names are real and vital to solve, they are also certain that his solutions cannot work. So if he begins mounting losses […]

The Collision of Charity and Chastity

The LDS Church is taking more criticism than usual this week, over the decision of its leaders to enact a policy prohibiting membership records, baby blessings, baptism, and ordination to the minor children of couples involved in a same-sex household relationship. They have included both married and “cohabitating” arrangements. The dissonance people have expressed, both […]

What is “Net Neutrality”?

Right now the Internet consists of you on your computer, and everyone else on their computers, each connected through a modem or radio that attaches to the worldwide network. A block of data coming from anywhere in the world has an equal chance of reaching you in a few milliseconds, no matter what it is. […]

We Ought To Be Better Than This

There is very little left to say about the LDS discipline news stories which has not already been said. Among the parts that remain, there is a distressing thread in Mormonism’s internal discourse. I made an effort the other day to describe the mandates of unity which Mormonism’s doctrine and history impose on its followers. But there […]

I Beg You, Please, Find a Way to Keep Us Together

Doug Fabrizio and his colleagues at KUER News’ RadioWest produce an excellent news talk show, and they have done the world of American Mormonism a solid service by interviewing a Church representative. They deserve, individually and collectively, all the accolades they’ve received for excellence in the profession of journalism, itself always a daunting and risky profession. Mr. […]

No One Beats a Giving Spirit

On May 23, Reid Wilson’s commentary in the Washington Post wrote of Utah, “When it comes to generosity, no one beats Utah’s giving spirit.” His essay refers to polling done by Gallup where people across the nation were asked, “Have you done any of the following in the past month? How about – Donated money […]