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Mad Max: Furiosa

Mad Max: Fury Road is the movie I have waited for my entire life. It’s not perfect, but it comes close. It is refreshing in many ways–it doesn’t rely on CGI, the secondary characters are fully fleshed out, and it doesn’t waste precious minutes of screen time on unnecessary exposition or explanation.

Joe Paterno: The Pain of a Tainted Legacy

When one considers Paterno’s legacy and all the good he did for Penn State and the student athletes he taught, coached, and inspired, those actions deserves praise, and certainly, one mistake does not erase all that good. Unfortunately, all the respect I gained for Paterno over the years led me to a great disappointment.

Why Would Anyone Be Pro-Abortion?

I think about the term “pro-abortion” a lot. In fact, this is not the first time I have written about it. I have heard this appellation too many times from pro-lifers, and when I use ‘pro-lifers,’ I mean it with complete respect because I am, essentially, pro-life.