Science and God: They are the Same (sort of)

A recent post on the NPR subsidiary blog 13.7 Cosmos & Culture asks a complicated question about how or why one chooses religion over science or views the two as not mutually exclusive. Marcelo Gleiser’s “The Need To Believe: Where Does It Come From?” never really provides an answer, though it offers considerations from both […]

Happy Bastille Day! #rush #bastilleday

There’s no bread, let them eat cake There’s no end to what they’ll take Flaunt the fruits of noble birth Wash the salt into the earth But they’re marching to Bastille Day La guillotine will claim her bloody prize Free the dungeons of the innocent The king will kneel and let his kingdom rise Bloodstained […]

Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour

Introduction:  Although drinking alcohol is against what we as Latter-day-Saints know as the word of wisdom. That doesn’t mean we cant learn important truths from those of other faiths, whose customs might differ from out own. Dr. Michael Foley, the author of Drinking With the Saints: A Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour. Writes an […]

“Why it matters (to me) that Jesus was born of a virgin”

“I just can’t set aside what I know of biology,” my dear friend Dwight told me as he explained why he had not yet tackled the June 7th topic in his blog series addressing the coordinated sermons being preached by a group of anti-progressive pastors in Arizona this season. The topic at hand? Why it […]

Why It’s Important that God Changes

Fountain Hills AZ has come into national attention as eight congregations have come together to do a series against progressive Christianity. Several congratulated themselves on their ecumenism though it appears to be directed against Fountain Hills United Methodist. They also lauded the idea of free discussion but no discussion is had with any progressive Christian […]

Synagogue, Philosophy, and Judith Butler

In the following video, philosopher Judith Butler discusses her work and philosophy with Wesleyan University President Michael S. Roth. I particularly enjoyed hearing her discuss how the synagogue of her youth played a major role in her path toward philosophy. As a Rawlsian and Kantian, my work and thought has been very different from that […]

What is the Original Position?

The original position is a social contract mechanism used by the philosopher John Rawls to establish the hypothetical conditions of fairness within which hypothetical participants will select the principles of justice. In many ways, the original position is cross between the state of nature found in Locke and Rousseau and Kant’s construct of the categorical imperative. Justice for […]

God, Cupcakes and Naturalism

I have a confession to make. I am not embarrassed by miracles. If miracles are those occasions which reveal God and God’s works in the word, if they are signs, we live in a miraculous world. If they are the suspension of natural laws for our benefit by a supernatural agent who intervenes in our […]

An Easter Sermon For Doubters Like Me: A Process Account

Acts 10:34-42 Easter presents us with several problems. It is a story of a cosmic event which changes everything about life and the world as a result. And yet it is hard to imagine how any kind of event could qualify as such. It would mean putting human beings on this small globe as somehow […]

Charles Taylor on The History of American Secularism

Philosopher Charles Taylor:

I’m a UCC Minister Who Believes in God

That probably sounds like a rather unremarkable claim. I’m a minister serving in the United Church of Christ who believes in the reality of God. Of course, I do. It’s my job really. I don’t think this post will generate the traffic that my fellow progressive blogger John Shuck has in his recent post which […]

God as Personal but not a Person

There is a discussion happening between Ryan Bell and Jeremy Neil on whether it is necessary for God to be personal. Necessary for worship and necessary to be connected with the Christian tradition. And is it coherent given the concept or given the kind of world we live in? While Jeremy affirms God is personal […]