America: Big Oil’s Slaughterhouse Floor

President Barack Obama opposed the KXL, and I thought that would be the end of it; I mean, it was four years ago. Obviously, some people did not forget about it, as Trump has swooped in and resurrected it.

Socialism, the Death of America

“Socialism and the redistribution of wealth is a fundamentally wrong-thinking, anti-freedom, anti-American idea. Nowhere in history has it worked. It destroys nations. Why do our leaders keep moving us in this direction? Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness CANNOT happen when you limit, confiscate, and redistribute ownership and property through central government – societies […]

FLASHBACK: The 10 Best Facebook Reactions to Election Night 2012

I have been feeling nostalgic of late, especially since Barack Obama has finally transformed into the president I always hoped he would be. This post takes us back to the 2012 presidential election, which I watched, largely, on Facebook. There is no better reality television. I loved some of the status updates so much, I […]

Elected Hecklers #SOTU

On Tuesday night President Barack Obama delivered his 6th state of the union address. As always, he delivered a great oration. This speech was particularly spectacular because of the boldness that comes with entering the “no election to worry about” years left in his presidency. There has been much to say on the interwebz about […]

Foreign Policy as Hockey

The world is paying a heavy price for President Obama being a basketball fan, because had he followed hockey he would have learned that the best way to deal with instigators and thugs is to demonstrate that you have superior strength. It is for this reason that professional hockey teams use enforcers as a way of […]

My Predictions for Tuesday

While I am not sure if anyone will read this, I want to go on record. Obama will win by 4.5 percent. Of the current toss up states (Those that are leaning or toss up at RealClearPolitics): Obama will win: Florida, Virgina, Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Missouri (my nail-biter) McCain will win: North Carolina (though I […]

Reject and Denounce: Obama and his church

Am I accountable for the crazy things that people say at my church? Luckily, I tend to disagree, and disagree strongly with most political statements made at church. Was Mitt Romney responsible for racist practices that existed with the Church during his younger days? I do not think so. What about Ezra Taft Benson’s delusional […]