Bernie Sanders Didn’t Lose

Bernie Sanders didn’t lose. In the Democratic Party primary process, though there were moments of electoral stress, and even some funny business, nobody has ultimately lost. The New York Times published an opinion piece early today under the headline Hillary Clinton Made History, but Bernie Sanders Stubbornly Ignored It, analyzing his conclusion speech, which hadn’t changed much compared […]

McDonald’s Theory: Why Sanders is Worth Supporting

Many Democrats wish Bernie Sanders would go away. There is a lot of rhetoric about Sanders’ naivete from Republicans and Democrats alike. Even though many of those people agree that the problems he names are real and vital to solve, they are also certain that his solutions cannot work. So if he begins mounting losses […]

Bernie Watch: The Dems are Nervous

“Bernie Watch” is my new blog series looking at developments related to the possible presidential run of independent United States Senator Bernie Sander of Vermont. U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders recently discussed a possible run with John Nichols of The Nation. One of the questions that looms large is whether Sanders will run as an […]