The Magdalene Laundries: An Extreme But Horrible Example of a Religious Free Pass

When LDS leaders talk about religious liberty, the examples they share almost exclusively deal with an institution’s liberty to discriminate against individuals, which is really the thing that irks me most. The tension between the church and LGBT groups is really a tension between religious liberty and civil liberty, which, frankly, when those two are at […]

He died so his brothers could be free

This is just a brief “Hymns of Social Justice” post.  You would have to have not been on the internets at all the last week or so to have not been reminded that June 21st was the 48th anniversary of the murders in Mississippi of civil rights workers Michael Schwerner, James Chaney,and Andrew Goodman. Much as […]

I’d Hammer Out Love

It may be blasphemous to highlight a song performance by privileged White performers on Martin Luther King Day, but I love this song and this performance so much I will risk it. Peter, Paul, and Mary were one of several musical acts that performed during the March on Washington on 28 August 1963 (Bob Dylan, […]