Trump Regret

I just finished teaching a night class at a local university. The five week course covers United States and Nevada political and constitutional history. During our first meeting in July, we covered the Constitutional Convention and some basic aspects of the American founding. This time, we discussed the electoral college a bit more than usual. […]

Mitt Will Not Run. Phew.

Mitt Romney will not be running for President. He had previously run for president in 2008 and 2012 (when he was to Republican Nominee). From the Washington Post: Romney insisted that he would have had enough support from potential donors to be “more than competitive” and that the positive reaction he heard from Republican activists was […]

College Grads are Less Likely to Get Divorced

Libby Nelson at has taken a look at what studies tell us about college graduates. They are more likely to vote. They are less likely to smoke…but more likely to drink. They are also more likely to get married and less likely to get divorced: College graduates are much less likely to get divorced: […]