Harry Reid Will Not Seek Re-election in 2016

Sen. Reid’s announcement: From the Associated Press: In a statement, the Nevada Democrat said the recovery period gave him to think about his political future. “We have to make sure that the Democrats take control of the Senate again,” he said. “And I feel it is inappropriate for me to soak up all those resources […]

Elected Hecklers #SOTU

On Tuesday night President Barack Obama delivered his 6th state of the union address. As always, he delivered a great oration. This speech was particularly spectacular because of the boldness that comes with entering the “no election to worry about” years left in his presidency. There has been much to say on the interwebz about […]

“…a little more C-SPAN, a little less FOX News.”

Check this out via TPM: Dem rep. mocks C-SPAN caller's conspiracies: Watch "less Fox News" http://t.co/jyN0jgekzM pic.twitter.com/7RmW0s1uL4 — Talking Points Memo (@TPM) July 23, 2014 The caller rattled off a list including Benghazi, the IRS scandal, NSA surveillance, Fast and Furious and the Veterans Affairs scandal. He also asked Himes to address the theory that […]

How Dead is the Republican Party?

The fellow liberal who attends the ward that shares the Tropicana Chapel (in Las Vegas) with my ward has updated her bumper stickers. I wrote last July about how her car was a pleasant welcome to Las Vegas after moving from Wyoming. How can one beat a partisan play on baptisms for the dead…right? Is […]

Bob Bennett Warns Against the Tea Party and other “Slogan Screamers”

Last Thursday, former United States Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT) spoke about the current political scene in the United State at a university forum at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. “Beware of the Slogan Screamers,” said Bennett in thinly veiled reference to the Tea Party. Bennett said that Democrats are the party of government solutions […]