Will the Supreme Court’s Lethal Injection Review Kill the Death Penalty?

by Annie Waldman ProPublica, Feb. 4, 2015, 11:39 a.m. Last week, the Supreme Court put three executions in Oklahoma on hold as it reviews the constitutionality of the state’s death penalty protocol. If the nation’s top court strikes down Oklahoma’s lethal injection procedure, what would it mean for the death penalty? We’ve asked the experts […]

Botched Executions and Our Lost Humanity

A little over two months ago, I added my commentary on the botched execution of Clayton Lockett, whose vein collapsed during an attempted lethal injection in Oklahoma. He eventually had a heart attack and died. In that post, I reference the current problems with the acquisition and effectiveness of certain types of the drugs used […]

The Way We Kill People Needs to Change

When Clayton Lockett’s vein collapsed during the attempt to execute by lethal injection in Oklahoma last month, officials had no precedent to follow. Within an hour, Lockett died of a heart attack, which, from what I have seen in others having heart attacks, must have caused a great deal of suffering in the death-row inmate. […]

The Death Penalty: This Has To Stop

What Allen Stairs, a philosopher at the University of Maryland, said in the tweet below sums up my feelings about the death penalty and the horrific events yesterday in Oklahoma. It also includes a live-tweet account of the events as they happened. Just fuck yourself, Oklahoma; just fuck yourself. pic.twitter.com/N08nUb17XZ — Allen Stairs (@AllenStairs) April 30, […]