Coming Out…as a Democrat

I wanted to take some time to offer some brief, general background about myself. Call it ethos or just a little context for many of my Approaching Justice posts. If you know me at all (or have read any of my recent posts), what I am about to say will shock you: I used to listen to and love Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and others like them.

Pope Francis and The Liberal American Narrative

Did you hear the crazy thing that the crazy guy with a radio program said about the Pope? Yeah, me neither. That some talk-radio host or Fox News personality (or MSNBC personality) said something stupid is not news and it has long since stopped being interesting. Did you hear or read what Pope Francis actually said […]

Bernie Watch: The Dems are Nervous

“Bernie Watch” is my new blog series looking at developments related to the possible presidential run of independent United States Senator Bernie Sander of Vermont. U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders recently discussed a possible run with John Nichols of The Nation. One of the questions that looms large is whether Sanders will run as an […]

How Dead is the Republican Party?

The fellow liberal who attends the ward that shares the Tropicana Chapel (in Las Vegas) with my ward has updated her bumper stickers. I wrote last July about how her car was a pleasant welcome to Las Vegas after moving from Wyoming. How can one beat a partisan play on baptisms for the dead…right? Is […]