Some Brief Thoughts on Voting Third-Party

Like Bernie Sanders, I am voting for Hillary Clinton in November. However, many of my friends and others in my social media circles are thinking about voting for one of the third-party candidates for President. Keep calm. In a two-party system, we are trained to be skeptical of third-parties. That is fine, but it might […]

The 2016 Democratic Primary Is The Lamest Party Of The Year

I’m really disappointed in how unenthusiastic the democratic party has been in response to Hillary’s official campaign launch. Unenthusiastic about Hillary, but also unenthusiastic in the primary opposition. Right now, there are a couple of possible contenders for a primary challenge, but we’re mostly taking about them in terms of how they will make Hillary […]

How Dead is the Republican Party?

The fellow liberal who attends the ward that shares the Tropicana Chapel (in Las Vegas) with my ward has updated her bumper stickers. I wrote last July about how her car was a pleasant welcome to Las Vegas after moving from Wyoming. How can one beat a partisan play on baptisms for the dead…right? Is […]

Will You be Watching Mitt?

The Documentary Mitt opens online tomorrow on Netflix. I am planning on watching it. I did not vote for Mitt Romney in 2012 or in any prior caucus or primary. While I am not a Romney supporter or fan, I also have nothing against the guy personally. I disagree with him politically. However,  I see […]

My Predictions for Tuesday

While I am not sure if anyone will read this, I want to go on record. Obama will win by 4.5 percent. Of the current toss up states (Those that are leaning or toss up at RealClearPolitics): Obama will win: Florida, Virgina, Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Missouri (my nail-biter) McCain will win: North Carolina (though I […]

Pick Romney….Please

With the Olympics started it looks like all of the VP chatter will have to wait until after the Summer Olympics. The question had been whether or not McCain, or Obama, or both would announce there veep choice before the summer games. Alas, that was mostly wishful thinking on the part of us political junkies. […]