The Mormon Roots of Cliven Bundy’s New Political Party

Editor’s Note: This post originally ran here at Approaching Justice on May 27, 2014. Re-posting in light of recent events, though I would emphasize that Bundy’s view and those of his family are very extreme and fringe even within Mormon community, which is in mans ways ultra-conservative. -CH Cliven Bundy has left the Republican Party and […]

The Value and Limits of Patriotism

“Then Peter began to speak to them: “I truly understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.” Acts 10:34-35 NRSV To talk about patriotism,  that is, the love of country, is probably going to be an awkward affair for many […]

Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Interpreting Ordain Women’s Motivation

  It has been a rough week for many church members in the Mormon community. Even attempts to control my passion when posting links to articles seem to have failed. One person called me anti-Mormon. I have never once spewed hate toward the Church that I love. I have never uttered a single anti-Mormon sentiment. […]

Perceived Threats

As any of my close friends (and several not-very-close friends) can tell you, I have spent a lot of time working in restaurants. If you have worked in a restaurant before, you know that every person serves an important purpose in the restaurant. If you haven’t, let me demonstrate: The cooks work together to prepare […]

Where Do the Tyler Glenns Go?

I am an emotional person. In fact, I sometimes allow my emotions to control me, and that often leads me in the wrong direction, leaving me with regrets great and small. One emotion I keep to myself in most company (close family the only exceptions) is sadness. While I cry, and I have cried often, […]

All God’s Children Gonna Sit Together

“God himself refuses to trammel man’s free agency even though its exercise sometimes teaches painful lessons.” Hugh B Brown. Tables have had important symbolism in stories that I have read. The voyagers on the Dawn Treader were rewarded for their bravery and faithfulness by being invited to feast at Aslan’s Table. King Aurthur’s Knights sat […]

Violent Rhetoric Mixed With Ideological Madness Leads to Murder

Jarad Miller and his wife Amanda murdered three people here in Las Vegas on Sunday. Yesterday, I wrote about early reports about their involvement with the militia standoff at the Bunkerville, NV ranch of Cliven Bundy. It no longer appears that the couple moved to Nevada to join up with the militias at the Bundy […]

What Nuclear Deterrence Can Teach Us about Gun Control

A useful way to think about gun control is to compare it to nuclear arms control and the theory of nuclear deterrence. Deterrence theory suggests that some proliferation of nuclear arms can actually make the world safer, because states that might be tempted to use nukes offensively will be “deterred” by the threat of retaliation […]

Sex and Divorce in the Bible

The Bible condemns same-sex relationships, divorce, and premarital sex, so how can it be that progressive Christians embrace them? It’s all in black and white, right? Not exactly. The larger meanings of the passages dealing with these social issues have little to do with intimacy and everything to do with power. There is a biblical […]

Why aren’t we outraged?

Why aren’t we outraged? Why aren’t women storming the capitol building? The Supreme Court? Why aren’t more women running for and being elected to office? The fight for equality for women has been going on for much longer than anyone can imagine. Movements for voting rights began in the US as far back as the […]

Foucault, Surveillance, and Cell Phones #wwdc

Apple just hired this man to run their wearables division. What happens next will seem perfectly natural. — Kieran Healy (@kjhealy) June 2, 2014 This reminded my of something that I wrote back in 2010. Clearly, a lot has changed since 2010, but I think the applications of Foucault still work. I will update […]

Adoption By Any Other Name

So I was in the foster care system from age 5 to 11. In that period I was adopted twice and had 3 last names. My second and last adoption was by a single father and beforehand he was my social worker. Not a traditional family but very much a family. He unfortunately died at […]