(N)o (R)ational (A)rguments

With Wayne LaPierre popping up in the news again, it seemed like a good time to remind people why they should not listen to the NRA. While many people have taken a stance to declare the obsolescence of the right to bear arms, I am not ready to go that far. Likely, I never would […]

What Nuclear Deterrence Can Teach Us about Gun Control

A useful way to think about gun control is to compare it to nuclear arms control and the theory of nuclear deterrence. Deterrence theory suggests that some proliferation of nuclear arms can actually make the world safer, because states that might be tempted to use nukes offensively will be “deterred” by the threat of retaliation […]

Guns and Violence (Tweet Review)

We will have at least two posts about guns and violence this coming week. This afternoon, I wanted to share some links and stories that I have been thinking about in relation to this issue and the tragedy that took place in California over the weekend. I agree with McMahan 100% on this. “@philosophybites: Jeff […]

When it Come to Guns, I am Very Dutch

Over at Times and Seasons, Dutch blogger Walter van Beek has posted a rant about American gun culture and gun violence. Not sure if the rant part is helpful, but I understand the impulse. I also generally agree with what van Beek has to say. I especially found myself connecting with the following: This, I […]

Colbert on Bringing Men Back to Church

This should be required viewing for the next ward council meeting which discusses reactivation. I just want a Diet Coke fountain. Be sure to read the captions in the video above.

“…we are Mormons. We do not kill people or animals.”

“Shem, we are Mormons. We do not kill people or animals,” said Geneva (7) to her brother Shem (11) as we passed a creepy gun shop near our new home in Las Vegas which invites all to come and try out machine guns on the shooting range. We laughed at the super-serious tone which Geneva […]

Guns, Suicide, and Casper, WY

NPR’s Kirk Siegler did a heart-wrenching profile on today’s All Things Considered about the connection between guns, gun culture, and suicide. The story focused the city where I reside: Casper, WY. Last year, there were more suicides in Natrona County than anywhere else in Wyoming. The soft-spoken county coroner saw them all. “My last suicide […]