An Unaffordable Aspect of the Affordable Care Act

When I started my PhD program at Florida State University, I had the option of waiving the student insurance, which I chose to do. Living on a measly stipend, even with the aid of student loans, did not lend itself to what I saw as a luxury: paying thousands of dollars for insurance to cover […]

Big Changes in Fine Print of Some 2015 Obamacare Plans

by Charles Ornstein, Lena Groeger and Ryann Grochowski Jones ProPublica, Dec. 4, 2014, 10:57 a.m. This story was co-published with The New York Times’ The Upshot. At first glance, the 2015 health plans offered by the Ohio nonprofit insurer CareSource look a lot like the ones it sold this year, in the Affordable Care Act’s […]

How Cruel and Unusual Defines the US Prison System – Part Two: Horror Stories and Solutions

  In my previous post, I presented challenges that prisons and prisoners face in the US. The only positive is the 52% recidivism rate. Any reduction in recidivism is positive. However, two important facts about the study’s findings should horrify us. First, that was the repeat offender rate in the first three years of release. […]