California Bill AB 2943 and What It Means for Religious Freedom

The bill in question, AB 2943, is intended to outlaw the sale of “sexual orientation change” therapy. However, Christian attorneys argue that the bill’s language is so broad that it could be used to restrict the sale of not only therapy, but also Christian books and lectures—including potentially the Bible.

Impolite Conversation – When Anger is Evangelism

“It’s hard to hold fast to harmful views when you have to look someone in the face, when you have to see how the theology of your church is someone else’s cross to bear.” I’ve never been much good at polite dinner-party conversation. There are very few things that come out of my mouth not […]

Adoption By Any Other Name

So I was in the foster care system from age 5 to 11. In that period I was adopted twice and had 3 last names. My second and last adoption was by a single father and beforehand he was my social worker. Not a traditional family but very much a family. He unfortunately died at […]

Jake is a Hoax. However, There are Many Real Jakes.

Image by Jerrilyn Pool

Last night the following message appeared on the Facebook group Mormons Building Bridges: Hi, this is actually Jakes Mother. He recently tried to commit suicide because he got depressed from the people who treated him badly because he is gay. He has a cervical fracture, broken arm, and a broken leg. He was given rigid […]

Daily Video: A Place At the Table #hymnsofsocialjustice

The Jesus Christ that I read about in the scriptures always taught a doctrine of inclusion.  Here are some of the things that He said or that were said about Him: Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. – Matt 19:14 Thou shalt […]