Trump’s Colossus

“The New Colossus” as understood by Donald Trump: Give me your White, your Rich, Your Millionaires yearning to invest, The Wealthy who build beach houses along shore. Send these, the Multiple home owning, limo-riding in to me, I lift my lamp for those who bring gold to my door!”

Not “Illegals,” but Brothers and Sisters

Yuriy and Van lived in a much nicer neighborhood than we were used to. Most of the investigators we taught in the Little Saigon region of Orange County, California were poor immigrants who lived in either very humble homes or in apartments of varying conditions. Yuriy and Van lived in an upper middle class neighborhood […]

Undocumented and Underage: The Crisis of Migrant Children (Video)

From VICE News: Between October 2013 and May 2014, authorities at the US-Mexico border began detaining underage migrants at an alarming, never-before-seen rate. During this period, thousands of underage migrants ended up in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detention facilities along the border. Capacity at CBP detention facilities was overwhelmed by the influx of migrants, […]

Facts about Immigration and the Economy

The above video addresses five facts about immigration reform and the American economy. Here are some addition facts from the Center from American Progress: Immigration reform will decrease the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, or CBO, found that S. 744—the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, […]

The High Cost of Deporting Parents

The story of Ray Jesus, a father and husband torn away from his wife and five children in Utah. Devastating. Please share. Source: Vice News.