Why, Yes. I am a Liberal Mormon.

Joni Hilton over at Meridian Magazine asked this morning, “Are You a Liberal Mormon?” (NOTE: The original post by Hilton was removed. Here is the text.) Sister Hilton, it is very sweet of you to ask. Yes, I am a liberal Mormon. Some might not like the use of the term “liberal” since it largely has […]

There is an “Immanuel Kant Song”!

I know you are all as excited about this as I am! Here it is: Should use this version when teaching the Critique. RT “@EikelandOlav: Immanuel Kant Song.” — Anita Leirfall (@anitaleirfall) May 9, 2014 Yeah, it is actually quite horrible.

Chris’ Video Theory Journal: Moral Relativism

In the above video, I address morality and moral relativism. In particular, I argue against embracing moral relativism merely because of how some utilize the concept. In doing so, I draw upon both Immanuel Kant (of course) and Utilitarian. Daniel L. Belnap, a religion professor at Brigham Young University wrote an essay titled “The Book […]