Dehlin’s Case is Not About Gay Rights (From The Archives)

Editor’s Note: This post originally ran on June 29, 2014. It still applies to the developments of this week. — Chris H. An Associated Press article about John Dehlin titled “Mormon gay-rights advocate faces excommunication meeting with area church leader in Utah” has popped up in newspapers all over the country today. Here is the […]

Modern Mormonism: A Kingdom Divided?

When one stake president takes a temple recommend from a member of the church for the same thing that another stake president finds no problem with, it begs the question, “Who is really in charge?” But it’s not just stake presidents; many bishops have gone one way or the other, too. For the last several […]

Mormons: Judging Righteously Since 1830

Many people, Mormon or not, have followed the recent events in the Mormon Church with a keen interest. For the last couple of months, disciplinary councils, excommunications, and church resignations galore have sat in the forefront, the effects of intense debates and often major conflicts in a mostly peaceful American religious movement. This post is […]

Some Questions for Ordain Women

Joanna Brooks recently expressed some of her concerns about the potential fallout over Kate Kelly’s disciplinary counsel in a column at Religion Dispatches. Progressive Mormons have used the internet to connect with other members who share the same political views, and some of the same questions and concerns about the Church. In light of the […]

Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Interpreting Ordain Women’s Motivation

  It has been a rough week for many church members in the Mormon community. Even attempts to control my passion when posting links to articles seem to have failed. One person called me anti-Mormon. I have never once spewed hate toward the Church that I love. I have never uttered a single anti-Mormon sentiment. […]

Why Don’t We Follow the Instructions?

I can’t help it. I cannot keep quiet. But I should preface this post with something reaffirming in an attempt to protect myself from some kind of backlash. I have a solid testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which fullness I believe one finds in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I […]

We Ought To Be Better Than This

There is very little left to say about the LDS discipline news stories which has not already been said. Among the parts that remain, there is a distressing thread in Mormonism’s internal discourse. I made an effort the other day to describe the mandates of unity which Mormonism’s doctrine and history impose on its followers. But there […]

Where Do the Tyler Glenns Go?

I am an emotional person. In fact, I sometimes allow my emotions to control me, and that often leads me in the wrong direction, leaving me with regrets great and small. One emotion I keep to myself in most company (close family the only exceptions) is sadness. While I cry, and I have cried often, […]

There should be a Buzzfeed Quiz called “What Type of Religious Feminist are You?”

Feminism In Faith: Four Women Who Are Revolutionizing Organized Religion — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) March 7, 2014 No, not really. There should not be anymore Buzzfeed quizzes. However, I just read the profile of Kate Kelly by Laura Marostica in Buzzfeed from last week. Kelly is the DC-area human rights lawyer who heads Ordain Women. […]