Joseph Smith and Polygamy on the PBS NewsHour

Kristine Haglund, the editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought and a friend of Approaching Justice, appeared on Tuesday night’s episode of the PBS NewsHour to discuss recent announcements and essays from the LDS Church about Joseph Smith and polygamy. Check it out: Transcript: GWEN IFILL: The Mormon Church has long faced questions about […]

Obnoxious and Disliked (Updated)

Dialogue editor Kristine Haglund recently compared me to the John Adams character in the play 1776. She said that I am “obnoxious and disliked.” (Author’s Note: I have added the following paragraph for clarification) Kristine was poking fun of how much work I put into my rather disagreeable online persona.  We were at the Mormon Scholars in […]

“…among those dark satanic mills?”

This morning, I attended a session of the annual meeting of the Mormon Scholars in the Humanities about Adam Miller’s book Speculative Grace: Bruno Latour and Object Oriented Theology. As part of her comments on the book, Dialogue editor Kristine Haglund led the panel and audience in singing “Jerusalem.” It didn’t quite go like this… […]

Mormonism and Gender in the NY Times

Check it out: Editor Kristine Haglund and Board Members Fiona Givens and Joanna Brooks in the NYTimes: — Dialogue (@DialogueJournal) March 1, 2014 I mostly observing this issue from a distance. That said, these are some of the most important voices in Mormonism, not just on this issue.