Confessions: I Don’t Belong

  I have felt this way for a long time about many things. I don’t belong. I am a Mormon liberal who more and more finds myself still unorthodox…but very much at odds with most other Mormon liberals. I don’t belong. I am a white teacher at an urban school. I don’t belong. I am […]

The Best Mormon Talk This Weekend was…

   The first talk given today in church was one of the best I have heard in a long time. It was better than anything I heard last night and, most likely, better than anything I will hear next week. The sister spoke about her experiences, her life, and her faith. She touched on the […]

I Want to Be Classified. I Want to Be Stereotyped.

We are in the process of buying a house here in Las Vegas. I am glad that we picked a house in an older part of town. It is still the suburbs, but it is not one of the trendy areas. It has grit. It has charm. It is also a bit crusty. The process […]

Harry Reid: Bad Mormon or Badass?

Today is Harry Reid’s 75th birthday. Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader, and soon to be Minority Leader, in the United States Senate. You know that. Now that I live in Nevada (since July 2013), Reid is now my Senator. This is the first time I have lived in a state with a Democrat […]

Violent Rhetoric Mixed With Ideological Madness Leads to Murder

Jarad Miller and his wife Amanda murdered three people here in Las Vegas on Sunday. Yesterday, I wrote about early reports about their involvement with the militia standoff at the Bunkerville, NV ranch of Cliven Bundy. It no longer appears that the couple moved to Nevada to join up with the militias at the Bundy […]

Shooters Came to Nevada to Join Bundy Ranch Standoff

Las Vegas shooters bragged about taking part in Bundy Ranch standoff, according to neighbors — Talking Points Memo (@TPM) June 9, 2014 From TPM: Neighbors in an apartment complex where the two suspects lived said they “had a reputation for spouting racist, anti-government views” and boasted about their gun collection, according to the […]

How Dead is the Republican Party?

The fellow liberal who attends the ward that shares the Tropicana Chapel (in Las Vegas) with my ward has updated her bumper stickers. I wrote last July about how her car was a pleasant welcome to Las Vegas after moving from Wyoming. How can one beat a partisan play on baptisms for the dead…right? Is […]

Are the Sister Wives Mormon?

Absolutely. While they are not “mainstream” Mormons, as the Brown family refers to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Christ of Latter-day Saints based in Salt Lake City, they are very much Mormon. The thing that has intrigued me about the Brown family as I have observed them over the years is how […]

What Would You Ask The #SisterWives Family?

I will be interviewing Janelle, Christine, Meri, Robyn, and Kody later this week. I have written about them, and polygamy in general, quite a bit lately. What question or questions would you ask the family made famous by TLC’s Sister Wives? I will ask as many questions submitted in the comment section below as time […]

Another Liberal at Church!! (Adventures in Sunday School)

We are loving our time here in Las Vegas. In addition to the abundance of In-N-Out Hamburger locations, we are very much loving our LDS congregation here in Vegas. They turned out in large numbers to unload our U-Haul. They have warmly greeted us on Sunday, stopped by our home to bring us peaches or […]