Being Gay in a Strait World

Though I am not gay, I often wonder what people would think of me, judged of me, if I were to come out. Even now those people may wish to have some assurance, but what should I say to assure you? First, why do you need an assurance? Fine, well, if you know me at all, you know […]

Marriage, Egalitarianism and the Proclamation on The Family

  A few months ago, The New York Times Magazine discussed a study which found that couples who  considered their relationship as “egalitarian” had less sex than couples who adhered to traditional gender roles. The results from this study surprised many. It was assumed that sex would improve as the marriage became more equal. Not […]

College Grads are Less Likely to Get Divorced

Libby Nelson at has taken a look at what studies tell us about college graduates. They are more likely to vote. They are less likely to smoke…but more likely to drink. They are also more likely to get married and less likely to get divorced: College graduates are much less likely to get divorced: […]

The Two Shall Be as One

In 1969 Folk singer Peter Yarrow and Mary Beth McCarthy were married.  Peter asked his band mate Noel “Paul” Stookey to “Bless” his marriage with a song.  Noel, who had recently had a personal religious revival that included a conversion to Christianity, felt that he “did not have the authority” to bless Peter’s marriage, but […]