Kill the Poor

Conservatives have not been shy about their disdain for the poor in recent years. They don’t like the way that they vote, they are okay with the uninsured dieing, they want to take away their school lunch, or force them to stand in segregated lines and feed them peanut butter sandwiches, or shame them in […]

Mitt Will Not Run. Phew.

Mitt Romney will not be running for President. He had previously run for president in 2008 and 2012 (when he was to Republican Nominee). From the Washington Post: Romney insisted that he would have had enough support from potential donors to be “more than competitive” and that the positive reaction he heard from Republican activists was […]

FLASHBACK: The 10 Best Facebook Reactions to Election Night 2012

I have been feeling nostalgic of late, especially since Barack Obama has finally transformed into the president I always hoped he would be. This post takes us back to the 2012 presidential election, which I watched, largely, on Facebook. There is no better reality television. I loved some of the status updates so much, I […]

Is Romney the Next FDR? Wait, Stop Laughing

By Cody Ray Shafer Mitt Romney says he wants to fight poverty because he really wants to be president. I’m not suggesting he’ll do or say anything to be president—I would go that far—but rather, that the message is less important to him than is the opportunity to just do it. Romney has a major […]

Mitt Romney was Right About Russia.

Well, nobody is wrong all the time. See Isaac Chotiner’s article at The New Republic: Mitt Romney was right about Russia: — Isaac Chotiner (@IChotiner) March 3, 2014 Being correct about the problem of Russia does not mean that Romney would have or could have handled things any better. To be honest, what Romney […]


When he slow jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon, Mitt Romney denied having any interest in running for president in 2016. However, with Chris Christie embroiled in scandal and a rather thin GOP bench, some Republicans might be interested in Mitt. The National Journal is reporting that a poll by the bipartisan policy firm Purple […]

Will You be Watching Mitt?

The Documentary Mitt opens online tomorrow on Netflix. I am planning on watching it. I did not vote for Mitt Romney in 2012 or in any prior caucus or primary. While I am not a Romney supporter or fan, I also have nothing against the guy personally. I disagree with him politically. However,  I see […]

Pick Romney….Please

With the Olympics started it looks like all of the VP chatter will have to wait until after the Summer Olympics. The question had been whether or not McCain, or Obama, or both would announce there veep choice before the summer games. Alas, that was mostly wishful thinking on the part of us political junkies. […]

Reject and Denounce: Obama and his church

Am I accountable for the crazy things that people say at my church? Luckily, I tend to disagree, and disagree strongly with most political statements made at church. Was Mitt Romney responsible for racist practices that existed with the Church during his younger days? I do not think so. What about Ezra Taft Benson’s delusional […]

I know that Mitt is true.

In testimony meeting this month, a good sister bore testimony of Mitt Romney. She stated that she knew that God had prepared Gordon B. Hinckley to be the prophet is these days. Then she said that she knew that God had also prepared Mitt Romney for this day. She went on to talk briefly about […]