Reading Wiesel’s Night with My Mother

NOTE: I originally posted this on May 12, 2013 for Mother’s Day. Today brought my thoughts to this post for two reasons. First, it is my mother’s birthday. Second, Elie Wiesel died today. I re-post this today, with minor revisions, in honor of both of them. My mother Carla Henrichsen is Dutch. She was born in The […]

Pink Floyd Mother Instead of Heavenly Mother

There is never a shortage of contentious and awkward conversations about Heavenly Mother on the bloggernacle. My view is that we should spend more time thinking about the role that mother’s play in our society and our relationship with the mothers in our own lives. I think that one of the great contributions of feminist […]

“I Wanted You. You Didn’t Want Me.” Mother by John Lennon

I am not always sure what make of John Lennon. But this song causes me to ache. Take a listen: Momma don’t go. Daddy come home. Happy Mother’s Day.