The Mormon Roots of Cliven Bundy’s New Political Party

Editor’s Note: This post originally ran here at Approaching Justice on May 27, 2014. Re-posting in light of recent events, though I would emphasize that Bundy’s view and those of his family are very extreme and fringe even within Mormon community, which is in mans ways ultra-conservative. -CH Cliven Bundy has left the Republican Party and […]

The Best Mormon Talk This Weekend was…

   The first talk given today in church was one of the best I have heard in a long time. It was better than anything I heard last night and, most likely, better than anything I will hear next week. The sister spoke about her experiences, her life, and her faith. She touched on the […]

Harry Reid Will Not Seek Re-election in 2016

Sen. Reid’s announcement: From the Associated Press: In a statement, the Nevada Democrat said the recovery period gave him to think about his political future. “We have to make sure that the Democrats take control of the Senate again,” he said. “And I feel it is inappropriate for me to soak up all those resources […]

I Want to Be Classified. I Want to Be Stereotyped.

We are in the process of buying a house here in Las Vegas. I am glad that we picked a house in an older part of town. It is still the suburbs, but it is not one of the trendy areas. It has grit. It has charm. It is also a bit crusty. The process […]

Harry Reid: Bad Mormon or Badass?

Today is Harry Reid’s 75th birthday. Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader, and soon to be Minority Leader, in the United States Senate. You know that. Now that I live in Nevada (since July 2013), Reid is now my Senator. This is the first time I have lived in a state with a Democrat […]

Shooters Came to Nevada to Join Bundy Ranch Standoff

Las Vegas shooters bragged about taking part in Bundy Ranch standoff, according to neighbors — Talking Points Memo (@TPM) June 9, 2014 From TPM: Neighbors in an apartment complex where the two suspects lived said they “had a reputation for spouting racist, anti-government views” and boasted about their gun collection, according to the […]