Dark Side of the Trump

March First, 1973 Pink Floyd released one of the most successful albums of all time. In the 43 years since it was released “Dark Side of the Moon” has sold some 50 million copies.  Although it only held the number one spot on the Billboard top Album chart for one week, it stayed on the […]

“She had high hopes”

Another Hymns of Social Justice post in my continuing series on the 25th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre Roger Waters third post Pink Floyd album, “Amused to Death”, was released in 1992.  Like most of Water’s albums it was a concept album.  The running them in this one was of a monkey watching TV […]

Pink Floyd Mother Instead of Heavenly Mother

There is never a shortage of contentious and awkward conversations about Heavenly Mother on the bloggernacle. My view is that we should spend more time thinking about the role that mother’s play in our society and our relationship with the mothers in our own lives. I think that one of the great contributions of feminist […]