Economist to Headline Free Discussion Series on Postal Banking

Commonomics USA (formerly BankACT), a leading voice for postal banking since USPS inspector general Dave Williams first proposed it in January 2014, will host a series of conference calls featuring prominent economists and experts on United States Postal Service-based financial services, beginning on  Tuesday, February 3, when Dean Baker, American macroeconomist and co-founder of the […]

What Would A Public Bank Look Like? What Would One Do?

I have done two updates on the grassroots push for public banks in Vermont. Last week, I looked at the votes in favor of public banking at the annual Vermont Town Meetings. Earlier today, I told you about the banking industry push back in committee hearings in the Vermont Legislature. But what is public banking […]

Big Banks Vs. Democracy: An Update on Public Banking in Vermont

This month, Vermont residents showed widespread support during their annual town meetings for the adoption of a state bank in Vermont. This week, the Vermont State Senate Finance Committee heard testimony about the bill that was endorsed by the vast majority of Vermont towns. The Public Banking Institute reports the following: …on March 18, the […]

Vermont Votes for Public Banking in Town Meetings

Busting the Big Banks! Twenty Vermont town meetings tell the state legislature to create a PUBLIC bank. @thenation — John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) March 10, 2014 Two years ago this month, my family had the privilege of sitting in on the annual Craftsbury Town Meeting with our friends Aaron and Lauren. It was New England democratic […]