Piketty on Colbert #capital

First, Colbert on Piketty: Next, Colbert’s Interview with Thomas Piketty:

Andrew Sullivan on Eich and Liberal Toleration

Andrew Sullivan appeared last night on the Colbert Report to discuss the forced resignation of Brendan Eich at Mozilla. Andrew Sullivan has been one of my favorites since his days at The New Republic. Of course, as an aspiring blogger, he is interesting to me in a number of ways. More on that another time…it […]

If Mormons ordained women…would Jimmy Carter join the LDS Church?

Jimmy Carter discussed religion, violence, and the role of women in Christianity on the Colbert Report last night. Check it out: Part One: Part Two: If Mormons ordained women…would Jimmy Carter join the LDS Church? See the start of the first video is you do not understand why I am asking. This interview might be […]

Daily Video: A Place At the Table #hymnsofsocialjustice

The Jesus Christ that I read about in the scriptures always taught a doctrine of inclusion.  Here are some of the things that He said or that were said about Him: Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. – Matt 19:14 Thou shalt […]

Stephen Colbert’s Tribute to Pete Seeger

Last night, Stephen Colbert bid farewell to Pete Seeger by sharing a clip from Seeger’s last appearance on the Colbert Report. The clip, which had not been previously aired, shows Colbert and Seeger leading the audience in singing “If I Had a Hammer.” Take a look and sing along: Check some of our tributes to […]