A David and Goliath Moment: The Symbolic Power of “Tank Man” #tiananmensquare

For the tyrants fear your might #tiananmensquare

This was originally going to be the last post in my 25th anniversary remembrance of Tiananmen Square through “Hymns of Social Justice” series, but since I got a little behind, there may be a couple more in some “afterword” posts. It all came to a head on June 3rd and 4th, 1989.  The protests that […]

Electric Highways

It has been 25 years since May of 1989.  1989 was an important year.  In January of that year I turned 16, got my drivers License, and had my first official date.  May of that year marked the end of my Sophomore year of High and started me on my way to “Upperclassman” status.  But […]

Tank Man: Our unknown hero

It has been 20 years since the brave protestors at Tiananmen Square were crushed by the Chinese regime. They wanted democracy. Instead the one-party machine swept in with tanks. Not sure if there is much that I can say that will add to their heroism. The images are still so very haunting. For the most […]