If You Can’t Marginalize Polygamists, Who Can You Marginalize? #myfivewives

Right-wing Catholic blogger Rebecca Crawford is furious about TLC’s My Five Wives. For her, it is all part of the Hollywood attack on marriage and the family. As I read her vile post, I found myself repeating the line that many of the Williams family members mentioned during an interview with me: “Watch TLC’s My […]

“Doesn’t it bother you that your husband is sleeping with four other women?”

My Five Wives is returning to TLC for their first full season on March 9. Here is the TLC spot promoting their upcoming season: I will be interviewing Nonie, Robyn, Brady, Paulie, Rhonda, & Rosemary Williams between now and the season premiere. Keep an eye on Approaching Justice for updates. What questions do you have […]

Are the Sister Wives Mormon?

Absolutely. While they are not “mainstream” Mormons, as the Brown family refers to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Christ of Latter-day Saints based in Salt Lake City, they are very much Mormon. The thing that has intrigued me about the Brown family as I have observed them over the years is how […]

Sister Wives: Trading Anonymity for Tolerance

While many mainstream Mormons are uncomfortable being associated with polygamy and polygamists, the Browns of TLC’s Sister Wives similarly do not want to be associated with all polygamists. (The Browns call members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints based in Salt Lake City “mainstream” Mormons) “We were tired of Warren Jeffs being […]

TLC Picks Up “My Five Wives” as a Series

I just received word from Shannon Martin, a senior director of publicity with TLC, that the show “My Five Wives” featuring the Williams family has been picked up as a series. The nine episode season is set to premiere on March 9. The debut/pilot episode aired back in September. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that episode […]

Progressive Polygamist: Polygamists Need to Change Their Ways

Brady Williams, a progressive philosophy student and practicing polygamist whose family was featured on TLC’s My Five Wives, views the recent ruling in the case of Brown v. Buhman, also known as the Sister Wives case, as opportunity for the polygamist community to change their ways. Brady Williams (Source: TLC) “We are no longer considered […]

Have You Seen “My Five Wives” on TLC?

TLC recently aired a pilot for a new reality show about a polygamous family in Utah. No, not the Browns. They now live in Nevada. Well, meet the Williams Family: Go watch the full episode here. I was intrigued to hear that the family had moved away from Mormon fundamentalism and that they had a […]