Stop the War on Black Friday!

Todd is worried about the war on Black Friday. It is his favorite holiday. He looks forward to it all year round. Todd, my oldest child, is 14-years-old and a freshman in high school. You might think that Christmas would be his favorite holiday. However, Todd knows that Santa Claus is not the source of […]

This Is My Kind of Scouting

While I am not good at camping, I am the perennial citizenship membership merit badge counselor and I am currently the assistant scoutmaster in my boy’s troop. As a teacher and blogger, I am primarily a user of technology. I do not understand the technology, science, physics, or math behind the software or the hardware, […]

A Letter to My Young Mormon

Todd, I just finished reading a book by Adam Miller. It is called Letters to a Young Mormon. Others have written books in this format, but this one struck me and I wanted to tell you about it…in a letter. Adam talks about two stories. The story that we want our lives to tell and […]

Another Liberal at Church!! (Adventures in Sunday School)

We are loving our time here in Las Vegas. In addition to the abundance of In-N-Out Hamburger locations, we are very much loving our LDS congregation here in Vegas. They turned out in large numbers to unload our U-Haul. They have warmly greeted us on Sunday, stopped by our home to bring us peaches or […]